Manly Yoga Studio 2016

Manly Yoga’s recent relocation from its premises of 30-years called for new studios, office and consultancy rooms in a new location that reflect the spirit and energy of Many Yoga. SCA volunteered our services, offering to design the new spaces in alignment with Manly Yoga’s philosophy of health, wellbeing and connection with the community. Whilst the existing building’s primary materials were aluminium and concrete, our intent was to soften the spaces to create a place of healing and relaxation. Through the application of the principles of Instinctive Feng Shui™ and Interior Alignment® we were able to provide a solution that both the yoga teachers and students felt reflected the essence of Manly Yoga. Utilising traditional architectural design alongside consideration of energy flow, led to innovative design including the curved walls, mindful positioning of rooms to allow an abundance of natural light. The colours and materials used throughout the studio reference the southern hemisphere’s Bagua and the chakras, reinforcing Manly Yoga’s unique and renowned healing energy. SCA’s mindful design philosophy transformed a once stark and cold space to create a new inviting space for Manly Yoga that truly reflects their ethos.
Yoga Studio



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Certified Passive House DesignerAustralian Tiny House Association
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