Bynya Rd, Palm Beach

This project aimed to capture the atmosphere of the surrounding coastal landscape to achieve a light filled dwelling with unsurpassed coastal views.

Celebrating its coastal setting, this house provides a tangible link to the surrounding coast through a large wrap around deck bathed in northeast sun. Capturing the light and views of this ocean landscape was a priority. Exploring geometry allowed for innovative ways to capture light and views of the landscape and ocean throughout the home and enhanced the connection to its surroundings.

Indoor and outdoor living spaces are entwined through wide and high stacking glass doors from the living areas as well as bifold windows to the kitchen that enhanced the flow and light. Communal areas were positioned to take advantage of the northeastern light and coastal views. A further connection to the landscape was achieved with windows that link back to the earth such as the exposed rock seen from the shower, linking and grounding the the building to the earth.

The NE aspect also enabled passive design to take advantage of the existing climate to maintain comfortable temperature range in the home. Moreover a careful selection of environmentally conscious materials such as ethically sourced timbers, non-toxic paints and finishes created a healthy home that exists in harmony with the natural environment.
Palm Beach residence



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Certified Passive House DesignerAustralian Tiny House Association
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