Aitken Ave, Queenscliff

The previous dwelling was a dark, damp two-story masonry building without cross ventilation. The core intent for this project was to draw in natural light and promote airflow, allowing the house to breathe and optimising healthy indoor air quality and sunlight.

Numerous sunstudies were implemented during the design process to manipulate natural light into living areas. This home features a series of clerestory windows that run across the main dining/kitchen space, maximising natural light into the living areas.

The dwelling overlooks a lagoon and the surrounding district. The upper level is dedicated primarily to the communal family areas, providing views and exploiting the available northern light and aspect. New features include a staircase which allows light right through the lower levels and promotes cross ventilation.

The earthy and natural design scheme is reflected through the recurring use of timber. Ethical non-rainforest and non-toxic timber was sourced for the project. Other environmental considerations in this house include passive design, solar panels, rainwater tanks and a heat exchange system culminating in an elegant family home which promotes holistic living.
Queenscliff house



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Certified Passive House DesignerAustralian Tiny House Association
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