Month of May Sustainability Office Challenge: Plastic Free!

Plastic free alternatives

Join our office in our first monthly sustainability challenge! The team at SCA are going plastic free for the month of May.

Plastic pollution is an epidemic plaguing our lands and oceans. Dependency on plastic has become a fundamental aspect of our lives. Our daily interactions with plastic are endless. Rarely we question where this plastic ends up once we throw it in the bin. While some is shipped overseas to countries like China to be recycled, most ends up in landfill or the ocean. Plastic pollution is severely impacting the environment, its wildlife and our health.

Quick facts

  • Australians are the second highest producers of waste, per person, in the world. Each of us send over 690 kilograms of waste to landfill each year.
  • It is estimated world wide that 1 trillion plastic bags are used and discarded every year. Australians use an estimated 5 billion plastic bags a year. 
  • Over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century.
  • 50 percent of the plastic we use, we use just once and throw away.
  • More than half the world's turtles and two-thirds of some bird species along Australia's east coast have ingested plastics as the toll from plastic pollution mounts.
  • Once plastic is in the ocean, marine animals either become tangled up or eat it, leading to suffocation and starvation.
  • Around 8-9 million metric tonnes of plastic go into the oceans each year.
Micro Plastic Infographic

10 simple tips to go plastic free

  1. Make a list of your most purchased plastic products – pick a few that are easy to replace with plastic-free alternatives i.e. liquid soap to bar soap.
  2. Bring your own cloth bags when shopping, this includes small bags for fruit and veg.
  3. Be a conscious grocery shopper – stick to the periphery of the generic grocery stores (i.e. meats, fresh produce) to avoid plastic wrapped foods. If you don’t have non-plastic bags at hand use empty boxes at the shops and paper mushroom bags to hold your food.
  4. Shop at a bulk food stores, markets and local bakeries to reduce your plastic waste and support local businesses.
  5. Don’t leave the house without a reusable water bottle and coffee cup! Carry reusable utensils and a jar with you if you plan to eat out. 
  6. Start buying clothes at Op Shops to eliminate unseen plastic waste and reduce the impacts of fast fashion consumer culture. Enjoy guilt free shopping!
  7. Just Say No! Say no to plastic straws, utensils and bags (try to do this when ordering to avoid unwanted plastics).
  8. Use reusable glass jars to store food at home instead of plastic containers or bags.
  9. Make your own products – this can include toothpaste, moisturiser, deodorant and cleaning products. Most of these products use the same ingredients, cutting costs and eliminating plastic.
  10. Make your meals at home.

Going plastic free over night can be difficult. However slowly eliminating plastic and reducing even half of your plastic waste can make a huge difference. Use this month to help you eliminate or drastically reduce plastic from your life. While it may seem impossible to escape routine of use and disposal of plastic in our everyday life, non-plastic alternatives are readily available and small behavioural changes can turn the tide on plastic pollution.

So join the SCA team for the month of May and be part of the solution to plastic pollution! 



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