Sustainability ethos

Sue Connor Architects are committed to a holistic vision of ecologically conscious design to minimise environmental impact. We select locally sourced renewable materials and consider their life cycle, production and ability to be recycled. Construction materials and internal finishes are chosen to ensure minimal toxicity to the environment and individuals with health sensitivities. Where applicable, our designs incorporate sustainable systems for rainwater harvesting and waste water, as well as alternative energy systems such as passive solar design.

SCA works with Eclipse Passive house www.eclipsepassivehouse.com.au to create thermally high performing building to the Passivhaus Standard. We use scientific data to create climate specific design solutions that are healthy and thermally comfortable year round. This construction method eliminates condensation for a healthy indoor air quality.

Supported charities and organisations

We are passionate about working towards an environmentally sustainable future for our planet. One of the ways that Sue Connor Architects is helping to achieve this is by donating a portion of our monthly profits towards supporting the following charities and organisations:

By engaging Sue Connor Architects you can feel confident that you will be helping to make a difference for a sustainable future'

Affordable Sustainable Housing

Housing that utilises an integrated structural system.

Sustainable Housing

We have worked with Sean Coddington, director of Sustainable Design & Construct, designing and documenting adaptable, site-sensitive, ecologically sustainable homes. These buildings consist of a unique system of building methodology and have the ability to be completed (on a flat site) within 4-6 weeks. Every design is different and responds to each individual site and its characteristics. Over 12 schemes have been developed in both Sydney and country NSW. All solutions are unique to the site and vary accordingly.

Features of these developments include passive solar design, cross ventilation, rainwater harvesting, intelligent material usage, the use of local, ethical and non-toxic building materials, minimal maintenance over the life of the structure, minimal site disturbance, little to no wastage, systems of recycling, composting and landscape solutions that incorporate permaculture along with local endemic landscape species.
Sustainable Housing

Universal Wisdom and the Design process

Our design intent respects the site, the environment and its inhabitants. SCA aims to create healthy spaces which honour and support both people and nature.

We have a significant interest in wellness of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Our belief is that consideration of these elements is vital to us and integral to the architectural design process.

By tapping into the knowledge and wisdom of native and ancient cultures along with present day teachings we are able to create spaces that are energetically uplifting and therefore places of wellness.

‘Building Biology’ and ‘Building Ecology’ are applied to our design solutions along with ‘Instinctive Feng Shui™’ and ‘Interior Alignment’.

This blend of ecologically sustainable design and universal wisdom enables us to go beyond the convectional views of architecture to create spaces that pay homage to our desire and need to exist in harmony with the natural environment.

Meet our team

Our team is passionate about designing inspiring, ethical and environmentally conscious spaces.
Sue Connor

Sue Connor

Principal Architect
Sue established her architectural practice, Sue Connor Architects over 25 years ago. Sue is very passionate about living sustainably to create balance with the earth’s ecology. This is reflected in her design philosophy which aims to create healthy and aesthetic habitats in synergy with their natural surroundings. Her philosophy is reflected through her broad project portfolio, which include hotels, lodges, guesthouses, commercial fit-outs as well as a broad range of residential work.
Alice Cutcliffe

Alice Cutcliffe

Alice Cutcliffe is a Newport local and Graduate of Architecture who has been working on various commercial and residential projects of differing scopes over the past 5 years. Alice is also completing a Diploma of Landscape Design.
Daniel Goldsmith

Daniel Goldsmith

Daniel Goldsmith is a Building designer with speciality in Sustainable design who has industry experience working for a construction company prior to joining our team.
David O'Sullivan

David O'Sullivan

David is a UNSW graduate who began working with SCA in 2007. He has worked on various projects from small scale residential to larger commercial projects. David loves to work on projects that touch the earth lightly and incorporate building adaptability, reuse and recycling of building components. David’s leisure time is spent in nature and his interests include photography, bush walking and bike riding.
Jamie Herbert

Jamie Herbert

Jamie is a graduate of Newcastle University. Following his graduation Jamie spent time travelling and working in Cambodia where he further developed his passions for eco-tourism, designing for disaster relief and sustainable modular construction. He loves working with natural materials that have been sourced ethically and minimise wastage. When not at work Jamie spends his time immersed in nature away from the busyness of modern life.


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Certified Passive House DesignerAustralian Tiny House Association


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